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We had already dyed our hairs before the official stay home policy was put into affect.

Last night we had the official notice that as of today our state is on the “stay home stay safe” protocol. We thought that we heard that on Friday, but then I guess it was just a strong suggestion, or as my DIL said it’s just a “wait ’til your dad gets home” kind of finger wag. I saw through many news outlets that people thought that weekend announcement meant “head to the beach.” Oof that started a firestorm of controversy.

So now we face a misdemeanor violation if we choose to break this policy. I’m not sure if that will detour people. I did appreciate the reminder that we need to be good citizens and police ourselves so the Police can do their job. We are nowhere near the level of an outbreak that we see in other parts of the country, and hopefully, our better nature will shine as we try to “flatten the curve.” And save human beings.

I appreciated this PSA from the Brook’s family. Forgive my lack of fancy embedding. I’m getting reacquainted with the new editing features on this blog site. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/03/16/entertainment/mel-brooks-max-brooks-social-distancing/index.html?fbclid=IwAR2lERqKFFQVnmV5TUxjAY1a2p-p7l3uT_cQA0AiTdCDfko6p_9Il1FaYWU

I’m not good with strict boundaries. I’m good with deadlines given to me by other people where I can wiggle around as much as possible within the guidelines. But me saying “I’m going to do this by this time” without it ultimately affecting another person isn’t the best motivation for me. Today I did eventually get dressed and coifed. I’m trying to reach that 10K steps even though I’m home, and I’ve made a short to-do list. Of that list, I’m still avoiding the most important one which is cleaning the bathroom. Insert Sigh.

I am domestically challenged. I am an enneagram 7. I am an artist. We’ll see how those three things work with the “stay home stay safe” policy in affect.

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